About Salsa

Salsa came from Latin America and USA in 70s.
There are several types of salsa:
– Los Angeles (starts on 1)
– London (starts on 1)
– New York (starts on 2)
– Puerto Rico (starts on 2)
– Palladium (starts on 2)
– Cuban (starts on any)
– Colombian (starts on any)

The important parts of salsa: rhythm, musicality, partners

3 salsa styles:
– Circular: Cuban – can be started at any bit. Accent – percussion instrument.Tap on 4 and 8. Size – 4/4. Fast temp. Rhythm – tumbao and clave. Also called ‘salsa casino’ – based on Ruda de casino.
– Linear: Los Angeles – founded by Luis Vazces. Starts on 1.
– Other: Rueda de casino

PS. This is just note for myself. Source: Wikipedia