How to track product from GearBest?

Recently I bought product from 37 Degree L18 Smart Bluetooth Wristband Fitness Watch – BLUE 1672.


After 25 days, I did not get product delivered yet. I wrote to support. They replied in 15 hours. This is what I got from them:

Dear [name],

Thank you for placing your order with Gearbest. We wish to apologize for any inconvenience.
We have shipped your order out.
The delivery information
customers: [full name], shipping address: [full address]
Reference number: [number],shipping method: [method],
tracking site: shipping date: [datetime],estimated time: 10-25 business days,

The estimate date is for your reference, it can be affected by many factors such as customs,remote locations, peak shipping periods, Holidays and Festivals,inclement weather and operational issues impacting the shipping company.
For flat rate shipping, if you haven’t purchased the tracking option during the check out, there will be no tracking number. But please rest assured the package is on its way.
We ship thousands of parcels every day to your country that reach our customers successfully without tracking number.
To know more about delivery time please check here.
If there are any additional problems or further queries, please feel free to contact us and we will do our very best to assist you.

Best Regards
Gearbest Customer Service

Then I opened this web site: and put my reference number.

I got following information:
[reference number] Shipment Details
Electronic information,receive–[datetime]
Small package Center, receive–[datetime]
Parcel centre,sealing–[datetime]
Small package Center, left–[datetime]
Exchange Bureau, have been exported to open–[datetime]
Exchange Bureau, have been exported directly–[datetime]
Transit Center,left hand navigation–[datetime]
[country], Arrived –[datetime]
[country], the transfer of customs– [datetime]

Very useful service. Now I know that my product arrived to customs.

Solution for Spotify gray screen

1. Open Terminal app
2. Type this into terminal. By doing this you can open folder with locales:

cd /Applications/

3. Type this into terminal – this deletes all locales because of what Spotify shows gray screen:

rm -rf

Paper folding facts

Can you fold a paper 8 times? Actually, you can! You can fold paper in half as many times you want. The matter is here to find a paper with an appropriate size and enough power to fold it.

Today I want to write about paper folding and how our brains can get give wrong measurements. If you fold a paper in half one, that’s okey, you just fold it. What if we fold it several times? Let’s imagine we can largest paper and infinite power to fold it.

According to Wikipedia, minimum paper thickness can be 0.07mm.
1 – just folded paper with 0.14mm
10 – this is 1000 page book
23 – you reach 1km width

To be continued …

Anthem of Java coders

In the cubicles representin’ for my JAVA homies…
In by nine, out when the deadlines are met, check it.

We code hard in these cubicles
My style’s nerd-chic, I’m a programmin’ freak
We code hard in these cubicles
Only two hours to your deadline? Don’t sweat my technique.

Sippin’ morning coffee with that JAVA swirl.
Born to code; my first words were “Hello World”
Since 95, been JAVA codin’ stayin’ proud
Started on floppy disks, now we take it to the cloud.

On my desktop, JAVA’s what’s bobbin’ and weavin’
We got another winning app before I get to OddEven.
Blazin’ code like a forest fire, climbin’ a tree
Setting standards like I Triple E….

Boot it on up, I use the force like Luke,
Got so much love for my homeboy Duke.
GNU Public Licensed, it’s open source,
Stop by my desk when you need a crash course

Written once and my script runs anywhere,
Straight thuggin’, mean muggin’ in my Aeron chair.
All the best lines of code, you know I wrote ‘em
I’ll run you out of town on your dial-up modem.

We code hard in these cubicles
Me and my crew code hyphy hardcore
We code hard in these cubicles
It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve seen the 404.

Inheriting a project can make me go beeee-serk
Ain’t got four hours to transfer their Framework.
The cleaners killed the lights, Man, that ain’t nice,
Gonna knock this program out, just like Kimbo Slice

I program all night, just like a champ,
Look alive under this IKEA lamp.
I code HARDER in the midnight hour,
E7 on the vending machine fuels my power.

Ps3 to Smartphones, our code use never ends,
JAVA’s there when I beat you in “Words with Friends”.
My developing skills are so fresh please discuss,
You better step your game up on that C++.

We know better than to use Dot N-E-T,
Even Dan Brown can’t code as hard as me.
You know JAVA’s gettin’ bigger, that’s a promise not a threat,
Let me code it on your brain

so you’ll never forget.

We code hard in these cubicles,
it’s the core component…of what we implement.
We code hard in these cubicles,
Straight to your JAVA Runtime Environment.

We code hard in these cubicles,
Keep the syntax light and the algorithm tight.
We code hard in these cubicles,
Gotta use JAVA if it’s gonna run right.

We code hard in these cubicles
JAVA keeps adapting, you know it’s built to last.
We code hard in these cubicles,
Robust and secure, so our swag’s on blast